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Hydrological Survey Consulting

Hydrological Survey Consulting

Work Overview

Provide the accumulated experiences and skills of KIHS for organizations and agencies related to hydrological survey.
Support the production of highly reliable data through field work and data evaluation.
Offer the technical support for the accurate and consistent data.

Consulting and support

  • For choosing the proper equipment depending on the field conditions
  • For selecting the location & cross-section selection on hydrological survey
  • For establishing the measurement plans in line with task purpose
  • For preparing the accessories for each equipment, field note, program on streamflow & sediment discharge data calculation
    * Determination of constraints for smooth hydrological survey at the beginning, and suggestions for the solution

Training program

  • National and international training program on hydrological survey
  • General training: Introduction to national hydrological surveys, and framework
  • Study on the principles: Measurement methods & procedures, calculation, analysis, and evaluation on the measured data
  • Field training: Measurement methods & procedures and equipment used according to each site
  • Safety training: Instruction for preventing any safety accidents during the field work

Quality control

  • Regular quality control of the measured data (consistently, monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Measurement methods (location selection, equipment, standards, etc.), determination of the problems on measurement results, and suggestions for the improvement

Analysis and evaluation

  • Hydraulic and hydrological analysis on the measured data
  • Development of stage-discharge rating curve and discharge-sediment rating curve
  • Comprehensive evaluation for the application of the measured data